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Fort Vale General Equipment

Fort Vale originated the pressed manlid concept, now widely adopted in the ISO and offshore market. Manways and Inspection hatches can be supplied with profiled and compensated neck rings to suit the tank design requirements. Generally manufactured in stainless steel, but we can supply in alternative materials at customer request.
Bottom discharge valves are fitted to the drain point of the vessel. They are used to load and discharge cargo in combination with the secondary valve. Bottom discharge valves can come in the form of a Highlift Footvalve, or a Cleanflow Footvalve. In addition to these valves we also supply the Univalve and Uniflow combination valves.
An airline valve allows the vessel to be connected to a vapor line, or compressed air supply, to provide vapour recovery, to purge the tank or to accelerate cargo discharge. Designed for mounting to the top of the vessel, its function is to facilitate pressurization of the vessel to assist discharge and to allow free passage of air during the filling cycle.
A ball valve is generally a secondary closure valve and is used in combination with the footvalve to load and discharge cargo. Our ball valves are available in 2", 3" and 4" sizes, with a flanged connection as standard. We have a range of lined and coated valves for corrosive cargoes and we supply all the necessary mating flanges, bolting kits and ancillaries.

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Featured Products

Fort Vale 2”BSP low profile IBC Relief
The new Fort Vale 2”BSP low profile IBC Relief valve has been developed to radically improve flow rates and sealing performance, in the process setting a new benchmark for comparable models on the market. The valve is perfectly suited to IBC applications where flow rates and sealing performance are key to the performance of the equipment - especially when used on low pressure, static vessels.
Drytyt Dry Disconnect Couplings
Drytyt couplings provide a quick and safe bulk liquid transfer system where product spillage cannot be tolerated, for example when the cargo is hazardous to health, toxic to the environment, an expensive commodity or costly to clean-up. Available in 70mm, 105mm, 119mm and 164mm, Drytyt is designed to be rugged & durable, with unique features to ensure fail-safe fluid handling and ultimate customer satisfaction.